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For over a decade, Procensol customers have engaged us as their catalyst for innovation and transformation. We have worked with numerous organisations across various industries and projects. Collectively, we have the experience, courage and creativity to drive aggressive initiatives to fruition.

Work in a fast-moving world

Outsource the heavy lifting to a digital workforce to keep your business profitable.

What services do we provide?

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Business Process & Records Management

We have been delivering award-winning projects on the market-leading Appian platform for nearly a decade, working with some of the largest enterprises in the world to measure, automate and scale their business processes. Our expert team and project history combined make us one of the most experienced and trusted partners for end-to-end business process and records management.
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Robotic Process Automation

We use market-leading technology from Automation Anywhere to provide enterprises with an always-available digital workforce, allowing repetitive tasks to be automated and freeing up staff for strategic and creative thinking. Our dedicated team can talk you through the practical benefits and technical delivery of our intelligent automation software solutions.
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Dynamic Case Management

We have delivered dynamic case management projects for over a decade, developing an innovative framework for businesses to manage innovation and change. Our approach is to provide a full program and managed solution, allowing you to allocate more time and resources to where it matters most.
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Project Delivery Review

Avoid wasted time and resources with sound implementation methodology and a team that specialises in successful digital project delivery. Procensol has over a decade of agile consulting and implementation to call on. Leverage this expertise, educate your team and speed up the successful completion of your mission.
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Consulting Services

Customers use us as their catalyst for innovation, transformation and change. Our experience, courage and creativity can help you bring your initiatives to fruition. Our digital strategy consulting and agile consultancy services have delivered successful digital transformation for organisations across the globe, in a variety of industries.

We understand your challenges

Relying on different systems and spreadsheets, endless email chains and all-consuming manual activities is not a viable way to work in a fast-moving world.

We can help you to operate smarter and outsource the heavy lifting to a digital workforce, in a way that makes customers and employees happy – and keeps your business profitable.

If you are not sure where to start, we will work with you to flag the problem areas and build better processes before adding tech. If you’ve already begun your automation journey, we can help you to level up and solve more complex problems.


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"Your consultant is an absolute asset to our organisation" Queensland State Government Department

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Digital Transformation & Business Change

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise. It is the process of using technology to continuously evolve all aspects of the business models (what it offers, how it interacts with customers and how it operates) and rethink your current approach to common issues. As technology evolves, so should your business.
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Intelligent Automation

Accelerate your business processes to do more. Done right, Intelligent Automation significantly enhances an organisation’s ability to digitally transform, reduce risk, increase productivity and augment the capability of their current staff.
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Enterprise Low Code Application Development

Low-code development is a way to build software applications faster by reducing the need to write code. With a low-code application development platform, you can use visual development tools - such as drag-and-drop modellers and point-and-click interface creation - to enable the rapid creation, deployment, and maintenance of powerful business apps.

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