We live in a world of constant change. Economies, industries, governments and even technologies are changing at an unprecedented rate. Traditional ICT and business transformation strategies can no longer keep pace.

We’re also living in an environment where innovation and collaboration thrive and where information hogging and protecting knowledge is diminished. It is out of this climate that our range of solutions were born.

Strategy. Innovation. Implementation.

Harness the power of automation and low-code and guarantee success in your organisation.

What solutions do Procensol offer?

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The health and safety of students, faculty, and staff are paramount. CampusPass is the fastest way to ensure the safe return of your entire academic community. CampusPass allows you to coordinate and communicate across your entire university. Appian CampusPass was designed by universities, for universities. It facilitates efficient communication and coordination across entire institutions by providing all departments access to important real-time information. Appian CampusPass also automates the collection and processing of data, daily health status verification, virus isolation protocols, Mobile Pass campus authorisation and rules-based policy management in line with your institutional guidelines.Appian Partner, Procensol can deploy CampusPass in a matter of hours, enabling you to have a full overview of the health and safety of your campus.
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Institutional Onboarding

Streamlined end-to-end onboarding for financial services businesses. Accelerated time to value. Unprecedented visibility and control. Onboarding teams and relationship managers often struggle with fragmented processes and the inability to adapt quickly to changing regulations and business strategies. This limits the ability of financial services businesses to onboard clients in a timely manner, negatively impacts client experience and delays time to revenue. The solution is simple: a modern, AI-augmented onboarding solution that increases speed to market and provides business-friendly control over the entire onboarding process.
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Data Refresh

Introducing the Data Refresh application from Procensol: A simple, secure, automated utility designed to synchronise and obfuscate database contents between environments. Management of Appian business databases across environments no longer needs to be the chore it once was, and testing can now safely and easily make use of real production data. Procensol’s Data Refresh application is built entirely in Appian, and features selective table synchronisation, an array of obfuscation methods (including fixed- and preserved-length randomisation and static value substitution), one-click, flat-file database backups and much more. Data Refresh, now available on the Appian AppMarket, is a simple, automated utility, created to alleviate the tedious problem of manually synchronising database contents between environments.
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Workforce Safety

Workforce health and workplace safety is a top priority. The Appian Workforce Safety solution helps deliver a safe and smooth transition back to onsite work. Your organisation's ability to respond to dynamic situations is more important than ever... Human Resources and Crisis Management teams, already strained by the COVID-19 pandemic, must now plan how to return the workforce safely to the workplace. These transitions will be complex. To ensure people are productive and safe in the workplace, organisations will need to consider individual employee health and risk screenings, whether an employee’s role can be efficiently done remotely, corporate policies, and government regulation. Procensol is an award-winning Appian partner and can deliver and support Appian’s new Workforce Safety and Readiness application with ease, using local, experienced delivery teams. With the Workforce Safety and Readiness application, you'll be able to quickly and intelligently manage the complexities of returning workers to the workplace, including complying with government regulations and company policy and prioritising workforce health and workplace safety.

We understand your challenges

Solve productivity challenges in any department and free teams from wasting hours on tedious, time-consuming tasks. With fast, agile automation, you can step up efficiency, reduce risk and power-lasting change in any function or process. Whether you need to scale up output or support a more distributed workforce, we are here to help.

We work with our partners to create solutions for your organisation to make your job easier, streamlined and more successful. Whether that be by department, by industry or even by your need, we can create a solution that solves your ongoing needs. 

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"Being able to deliver to the vision of the organisation has made it exciting for us. Having Procensol driving, contributing and collaborating has been fantastic for us." Wayne Tucker, Business Aspect

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