Digital transformation for permits and licensing

The Boston Consulting Group has what they call “the first commandment of transformations”: “make sure they’re cost effective, incremental, and sustainable.” This is exactly the strategy that one Queensland State Government Department adopted as early as 2015 when they recognised that their current ways of working, particularly in the licensing area, were not going to meet future needs. They had the option of a ‘big bang’ approach to their business transformation but made the decision to take it a step at a time. The result? An award-winning transformation that continues to successfully and nimbly evolve to this day.

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What's inside?


Digital Transformation

The department decided to embark on a digital transformation initiative to build an online environment for customer and partner engagement. A large part of the department’s responsibilities revolves around permits and licensing. Largely manual or run using legacy systems, application processes covered hundreds of different permit activities and thousands of different permutations across multiple siloed divisions: this caused time delays, inaccuracies and a lack of traceability.  

With each licence typically having individual specific conditions, and complex ones taking years for the approval process and involving multiple stakeholders, the situation was becoming untenable.

The first wave of the project addressed certain types of certificates, of which 500,000 are issued annually all over Queensland. As well as digitising the manual application process, this initial phase achieved two key objectives: to prove integration between multiple existing systems and multiple departments and to provide the public with online access and resources. Information was sourced directly from the external department to feed into applications, and the general public and organisations could log in, register and track applications themselves.  

Subsequent phases saw permit process digitisation implemented for multiple streams such as wildlife movement advice and macropod management. Each change was introduced without disrupting departmental ‘business as usual'. 

The Procensol Solution

  • Provides a consolidated view of risks and impacts on the associated assets  
  • Improved consistency and risk management  
  • Automated the process workflow
  • Automated the approval of standard applications to provide an immediate response to the customer  

Award-Winning Results

Through Procensol’s implementation, on time and within budget, the project was named the winner of the Process Excellence (PEX) Awards. The PEX Awards are globally recognised, annual awards that honour and celebrate process excellence and service delivery teams who have exceeded industry standards.