Supporting Short and Long-Term Public Sector Strategy

When he announced the formation of the federal Services Australia agency, the Prime Minister specifically called out Service NSW as a poster child for digital-first services.1 Numerous case studies have been published on the NSW agency, which has been considered a success by any measure. At the heart of the success has been a “bi-focal strategy… where organisations could reap the immediate benefits of higher stakeholder engagement, and broader cultural and service transformation over the longer term.” “This is about radically doing something different,” according to Service NSW’s former boss Rachna Gandhi.2 The public sector is being driven to do different things by four forces: the pandemic, the need to do more for less, customer expectations, and the increasing age of employees. Much has been written about Covid’s effect on ways of working and the ever-present need for greater efficiency, so we won’t go over that ground here. And we’ve written elsewhere about the need to meet the rising customer expectations of a public brought up on Netflix and Apple.

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